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Medical TEMPS, Inc. has earned the 2005-2020 Health Care Staffing Services Certification by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

Sarah Calhoun Allbritton was the winner of the 2004 Louisiana Small Business Person of the Year in the Northeast region awarded by the Louisiana Economic Development.

This business was new to the community and resulted from the fact that Sarah Calhoun returned to the area after working many years in different parts of the United States. Sarah, after conducting extensive research of the area, realized that there was not a company locally or nationally performing the type of services it wanted to offer the citizens of Ouachita Parish. With information in hand, presentations were made to the Small Business Development Center at ULM in addition to a SCORE committee.

After establishing the business, Sarah Calhoun single handily initiated, developed and organized every part of the organization, from its marketing plan, preparing budgets, designing literature to purchasing office equipment with all the transactions being performed within Ouachita Parish. By the end of 2000, the business had surpassed all set goals. With secured contracts from two large corporations in addition to business related agencies, the owner had been able to place numerous clients into the workforce with additional clients ready for employment at any given time – 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. All projected revenue budgets had exceeded set standards, some by as much as 135%. In addition, expenditures were maintained at a reduction of 82%. This was accomplished after being in business for only 5 months.

The News-Star, Monroe, LA., June 2001


Sarah Calhoun didn't bill one client during the first two weeks after founding Medical TEMPS in the spring of 2000, but even as those dry weeks dragged on, she didn't waver.

"Of course I was scared," said Calhoun, 42. "But it wasn't a question of whether or not it would work. I had to make it work. I'm a single mom. Failing wasn't an option."

Four years later Calhoun's temporary medical staffing agency has more than 100 clients and 380 employees.

She has also earned the 2004 Small Business Person of the Year Award for northeastern Louisiana. The Louisiana Department of Economic Development and the U.S. Small Business Administration chose the regional winners of the awards.

Gov. Kathleen Blanco is expected to present the award to Calhoun during reception in the Governor's Mansion on Thursday night.

"I had to grow this business fast because of my daughter Joanna (now 5); I had to make a living for her," Calhoun said. "But I never imagined it would be this large."

Paul Dunn, Director of the University of Louisiana at Monroe's Small Business Development Center, nominated Calhoun for the award. She went through Dunn's program before founding her business.

"Sarah's just done a fantastic job, but I had high hopes for her," Dunn said. "She had tremendous experience, she was bright and she had a lot of spunk." Calhoun, a West Monroe native, spent 12 years as an administrator in the medical rehabilitation industry in the southeastern United States, but decided to move home so her daughter could be near Calhoun's parents and other family and friends.

She has an undergraduate degree from Louisiana Tech University and master's degrees from LSU and Millsaps in Jackson, Miss.

"I think a lot of young people are moving away to gain that experience and then bringing those skills back here," said Calhoun. "When I came back, there were a lot of temporary staffing agencies, but very few specializing in medical staffing."

Her first breakthrough came when now retired Glenwood Regional Medical Center director of nursing Eleanor Singleton signed a contract with Calhoun to provide nurses.

""I turned the corner when (Singleton) signed me up and gave me a chance." Calhoun said. "That gave me credibility, Having Glenwood as a client got me in other doors.""
Singleton remembers Calhoun's pitch.

"We had a nursing shortage and (Calhoun) approached us about her staffing service." Singleton said. "She was sincere, and I believed that she believed she could do the job. It turned out that she bent over backward to accommodate us and we continued to use her."

Calhoun now has staffing contract with hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices and even industrial sites that need nurses throughout the market. She provides nurses and office personnel with specific experience in the industry.

She believes her business can continue to expand.

"Ouachita Parish is a health care hub, and the industry is growing," Calhoun said. "We can grow with it."

The News-Star, Monroe, LA., June 2004

Medical TEMPS, Inc.

Company: Medical TEMPS, Inc.
Headquarters: Monroe, LA
Industries Served: Healthcare
Web Site:

At West Monroe, Louisiana-based Medical TEMPS, Inc., the customer is always right. The company never argues when a customer has a complaint. Rather, the goal is to listen to what the customer has to say, document the problem and work hard to make sure it never happens again.

Case in point: Medical TEMPS typically requires its customers to call at least two hours ahead of time if they are going to cancel a temporary worker's shift. If not, the client is charged a fee. However, this summer, when Medical TEMPS received a call from a hospital that didn't give two hours cancellation notice and called to complain about being charged, the charge was removed.

The nursing supervisor explained that a "profit-sensitive group" had recently purchased the hospital, and that he was going to get in trouble for the charges. He also said that the group might even stop using temporary services if forced to pay the charges. Therefore, Medical TEMPS decided to waive the fee.

"This is a large hospital contract for us, and we make thousands of dollars a year with this customer," explains CEO Sarah Calhoun Albritton in an email. "So, in order to support the continuation of this contract and this hospital's employee goodwill, who had become one of our friends, I forgave the charges, allowed him to look like a hero in this case and hopefully kept the contract."

It was just one example of the many ways in which Medical TEMPS goes out of its way to make sure its customers are happy, and one of the reasons why the company was chosen as the silver winner in our third annual SI Review award for Excellence in Customer Acquisition and Retention.

This year, we again called for entries, in the form of 300-word essays, and sent the word out via the magazine and our Web site. We gathered descriptions of customer service programs and from there went to the clients to see how they felt about the service level. As we did in 2006, we are profiling the bronze, silver and gold winners, as selected by our staff, in three consecutive issues.

Medical TEMPS stood out because the company truly goes out of its way to make sure its customers are happy and has been successful as a result. While large staffing companies and mom-and-pop shops in West Monroe have closed, Medical TEMPS continues to thrive and grow, so the company must be doing something right.

Now That's Good Service

At Medical TEMPS, staff and managers answer the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Customers can also have their bills hand-delivered, and all bills include a customer survey form. Currently, customers rate Medical TEMPS services 3.3379 on a 4-point scale.

Both Clients and Temporary Workers Are Number One

Medical TEMPS goes out of its way not only for its clients, but also for its temporary workers, who also are considered customers. "We greet our employees with a smile and 'How are you?' when they pick up their paychecks," says Calhoun Albritton. "We always say thank you when they accept a shift to work, and if an employee turns us down for work, we simply say, 'OK. Thanks.' Hopefully, we can get you next time. No employee is penalized for not accepting work. We never penalize employees for seeking other work or reducing the hours that they work with us. We always remember that if we don't have employees, we have no one to provide work to our customers, thus we make no money."

Medical TEMPS reminds its temporary workers when their time sheets are due and if they should happen to be late turning in their hours. Temporary workers also are reminded when their credentials are about to expire. "We never want to lose an employee just for an expired TB skin test or CPR re-certification," explains Calhoun Albritton.

Additionally, Medical TEMPS attempts "to establish a close, personal relationship" with its temporary workers. For example, the company recognizes temporary workers' birthdays and typically knows of any deaths or illnesses that have occurred in their families. "We always have a ready supply of birthday, sympathy and congratulations cards to send to all employees," comments Calhoun Albritton.

If a client has a complaint about a temporary worker, Medical TEMPS always shares it with the worker and allows him or her to vent and write a rebuttal.

"Everyone likes to tell their side of the story to a sympathetic listener," Calhoun Albritton says.

Satisfied Clients

Theresa Marsala, an administrator at Extended Care Hospital of West Monroe, gets LPNs and certified nurses aides through Medical TEMPS. "They meet our needs," she says. "They're flexible. They're available 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays. They staff qualified people. They're Joint Commission-accredited, which for me goes beyond what I would expect from a staffing company."

Marsala says Calhoun Albritton is "interested in making sure we are satisfied and meeting our needs. She doesn't wait for me to call her; she calls me." Marsala adds, "Whenever we've had issues, they've been willing to address them for us. They send qualified people. They're very customer-focused. They're a reputable, good staffing company."

Donna Horne, a pediatric coordinator for United Home Care, says, "They always have well-educated nurses. They are quick to staff areas. We can call them anytime. It doesn't matter. They jump right on it. They cover us well. If we call with a complaint, they're quick [to make sure it is taken care of]. They're good about making sure their nurses turn in their paperwork. We don't have to worry about their certification and such. They're right on top of it. They're a good company."

Scooter Chriceol, chief nursing officer for Monroe Surgical Hospital, has worked with Medical TEMPS for five years, both at his current hospital and another one he used to work at. "They've been very reliable," he says. "They're able to fill our needs. They're very courteous, very prompt."

Chriceol says his hospital has gone from working with three staffing companies to just Medical TEMPS. "They've done a really good job. We've been pleased with them. They're very personable. That makes a whole lot of difference."

Temporary Workers Are Happy Too

Rhonda Dalton has been working through Medical TEMPS since January 2006. "It's been good," says Dalton, who has been placed primarily in long-term care positions. "They tend to make sure I get my hours."

Dalton says she had to take a pay cut at another job she had, but her current job pays better. "I feel like I'm getting paid what I'm worth. They're responsive to my needs. The staff is very courteous."

Additionally, Dalton likes that Medical TEMPS provides benefits through Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Shiveran Scott, a staff educator at P&S Surgical Hospital in Monroe, does temporary work through Medical TEMPS on weekends. He has been placed in hospital settings, home settings and nursing homes. "It's a good match for me," he says. "They're very friendly people. It works. They're flexible. They're very kind. They're very nice, very personable. I've never had any of them be ugly about my not being able to take a position. When I don't feel like it, I just tell them no, I'm not interested." Scott says he has spoken to "other nurses with other [staffing] agencies and they don't seem as happy."

For keeping both its clients and temporary workers satisfied, and considering them both as customers, Medical TEMPS is a deserving winner of SI Review's silver-level award for Excellence for the Most Effective Customer Acquisition and Retention Program. Next month, you'll meet our gold winner.

Customer Acquisition Excellence Award: Silver SI Review, November 2007